Thursday, July 21, 2011

June - July 2012 Calendar of Events !

Why Would I host an Exchange student from Spain's Basque Region? & My Exchange Student Story....

Why Would I host an Exchange student from Spain's Basque Region? You may ask your self, what do I have to offer?  Or what do I have to gain by participating in this program. You have to offer and gain friendship, knowledge, caring, laughter, global and community connections. I have not only made friends with students, but with other hosts in my community, who are now friends. Many of our hosts go on to visit their students in Spain, and there is nothing better than Spanish hospitality, except maybe Basque hospitality.  The only down part of this whole experience is saying goodbye

For 20 years STEP has been bringing the world together through foreign exchange.  The newest addition to the STEP programs is the Wilmington , NC group.  The last week of  June 2012 ; 25 Students from Bilbao, Spain will come to Wilmington, NC to be "inmersed" in the English language and American culture.  Please be a part of our journey and Step up for STEP.  One month can change lives  and tie two communities together forever.

My Story : About 17 years ago, Living in Upstate New York with my family. My children were young at the time and a neighbor asked me to host for the 10 month school program. I never heard of hosting before in my life. Growing up in Delmar New York and living in the suburbs of Schenectady NY .which is a great community with wonderful schools!
 I started to think more about it , responded to an ad to become a coordinator for CHI in San Fransico. I was able to locate a five month family for a girl Flavia from Brazil ! Wow I was so excited. We did alot together and she helped me with my children at the time ! We became very close and we all loved the International exposure for me and my family. I placed 15-20 students per school year with CHI and then started to run summer programs for the students from Bilbao Spain.
We started hosting ourselves and enjoyed all of our students very much, and try to keep in touch with them as much as possible. My children grew up and we moved to Wilmington , NC in 2009. With my son Jeremy in College at Coastal Carolina in Myrtle Beach and now at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. I'm a Registered Nurse and enjoy the beach, floral design for weddings , concerts, working out, and beach volleyball. Plus I enjoy Travelling and have been all over the world because of these programs.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Become A HOST FAMILY-Join in on the Fun! Step up for STEP !!


  • Help host a student from Spain, Bilbao's Basque Region ... 
  • 25 Spanish/Basque students & 1 Adult Group leader will be staying in our Wilmington, Area
  • Four weeks from June - July 2012
  • Exchange Students are :
    • 14 to 17 years old, girls and boys
    • Students have some english language - they maybe beginners or fluent , varies with student 
    • health insurance
    • own spending money
    • learn our culture and eager to practice English
    Coordinator & Escort:
    ·        Coordinator and chaperone on call 24/7 during the program for
    any questions, translation or medical emergencies
    ·         Provide a caring "home away from home"
    ·         Offer friendship and loving home environment
    ·       room and board/share a room
    ·         Transportation by carpooling with other families once week to our meeting spot or to field trips activities
    ·         participate in STEP’s group activities
    ·        Experience another culture in the comfort of your home !
    ·         friend from Spain to practice ·          e-mailing your friend before they arrive
    speaking Spanish, French,  Basque, or Euskara
      You also Learn about your own home town area , The "South" The Carolinas..."Carolina Blue".....Southeastern Region..."Half Backs"... The summer months are perfect time for a summer escape. Whether your passion takes you to the coast to tour lighthouses, or hop on a ferry, or explore small coastal towns, NC has it all. If nature beckons you, seek out the perfect picnic spot or enjoy an outdoor drama under the stars. One thing is for sure, NC escapes will satisfy your inner spirit for summer fun. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, mountains or beaches, the rhythm of city life or the tranquility of nature, you’ll find it all in North Carolina!
      Wilmington (largest North Carolina coastal city) and the Cape Fear Coast are home to over 31 miles (49 km) of beaches and 45 varied attractions including a movie studio, over 230 blocks of designated historic homes, and a guided walking tour of downtown filled with pirate stories, fishing tails and beautiful Southern homes.

      Myrtle Beach, SC & Georgetown, SC

      Enter South Carolina, with more than 200 miles (321 km) of beaches, resort islands, historic cities, charming country towns and shopping galore. Myrtle Beach, the “Entertainment Capital of the East Coast”, features over 120 golf courses, endless beaches, plentiful shopping, and unlimited live entertainment theatres and attractions.